Design Services


If you need design ideas  for a new border or small area and would like to implement the plan yourself, we can draw a quick sketch, not to scale,  for the budget minded do-it-yourself home owner.


This is the blueprint for your overall landscape design. The amount of time necessary to produce a full design depends on the site analysis, complexity of the project, size of lot and difficulty of the design.  Typically, it involves a three stage process which includes:

Initial Meeting: During this visit, we discuss what you want out of your garden, style, and preferences (color, planting, design…). This is the time to provide us with pictures of other gardens and structures you like.  The more info and pictures the better. Once the decision is made, we will work together to create the landscape that reflects your taste and lifestyle.  After you have agreed on a budget for the design work, we will initiate a signed contract for that work to begin. We will take a site survey including measurements and digital photos. The fee for the design work is based on the scope of work. Naturally, the more details and the more elaborate the design, the more design time is involved.

Preliminary/Conceptual  Plan: This is a concept plan that shows new proposed landscape (lawn and planting areas, tree locations, patios, walkways, decks, water features, etc.).  In many cases, a conceptual before-and-after photo rendering may be shown. The preliminary plan is where we make sure everything is to your liking before proceeding to the next step. If significant changes occurred, another meeting may be requested by the designer.

Planting Plan: Once the conceptual plan is accepted, the finalized plan with plants identified by their common and Latin name, along with quantities. Plants will be selected based on your preferences, the style of the garden, gardening interests, ability and the physical constraints of the site (shade, moisture, exposure, etc) to make sure the plants are suitable to your site.  A separate plant list is also provided of common and Latin names, in alphabetical order of all the plants and the size and quantity required to install your plan.

Final Project will include:

  • Scaled drawings of the site project
  • Plant information sheet
  • Projected size of plants drawing in color
  • One, on-site visit by designer for consultation

I love the style of your work and the immaculate attention to detail to make every corner of the garden a tasteful vista and an accessible place to walk or sit…
Merrill W. (Portland, Oregon)